May 19, 2024

Stonewall Capital Review –A Value-Packed Platform for All Types of Traders

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I wasn’t a trader from the beginning but I am glad that I was finally able to make up my mind and take the first step. Since my friend was already working with a broker called Stonewall Capital, he invited me to the same platform. I have to thank my friend here because from day one he introduced me to a platform that I could rely on without any unnecessary worries. Here in this Stonewall Capital Review I will be explaining the reasons why I think that this platform will be good for you just as it proved to be one for me.

I can assume you are just starting out like me, but no worries if you have been trading for some time. This platform and its features suit all types of traders, not just those who are starting out.

Simple yet Straightforward Trading Platform

For beginners, getting familiar with the trading platform is quite a hardship and a majority of brokers have been struggling to keep their trading platforms simple. However, Stonewall Capital has established a platform that’s not only simple but also quite straightforward. While you will find modernization and technological advancements in the platform,the overall design of the main interface is very user-friendly. With regards to beginners, the broker’s platform is perhaps the best choice to begin trading with because of its user-friendly design.

I can tell you that when I began with this broker, I didn’t have to spend time in learning how the platform worked, which is what I see many other traders doing today.

Feature-Packed Trading Accounts

The beginners must know from the beginning that there is only one way of engaging in online trading which is that they have to open a trading account. While the broker has to offer variety of trading accounts that range from basics to pro level accounts, all are bursting with loads of features, trading resources and tools. Broker’s accounts provide one-point access to worldwide financial markets comprising assets belonging to cryptos, commodities, forex, stocks, indices etc. At the same time, opening an account with the broker enables the trader to use all the resources, features, services and tools that are part of the account.

I loved the education academy because as a beginner I greatly needed to learn a lot about online trading. In this connection, the broker offered me full access to online education academy from where I could get education by reading e-books, attending webinars and getting lessons through in-private expert training sessions.

Great Choice of Accounts

Although there are plenty of accounts to choose from, yet the basic account should be the first choice for a beginner based on my personal experience. What I liked about the basic account was that it requireda very low initial deposit and offered great opportunities of learning and education. On the other hand, the broker assured making the funding process very easy and convenient. Three methods of funding the account are being offered by the broker namely through bank transfer, electronic payment transfer and crypto wallet transfer.

Likewise, the three modes of payment also apply to the withdrawal and deposit of funds after account activation. But there is a process that needs to be followed if a trader is planning to take out the funds from the account.

Trading Tools

With regard to trading tools, the broker has to offer a suite of tech-based impressive tools such as market insights, risk management, live charts, price indexes etc.These are all invaluable tools because they have been designed in such a manner that they can provide you the most valuable trading information so that you can utilize them for productive results.

Bottom Line

For me, Stonewall Capital turned out to be the best brokerage service from where I began my trading journey as a novice trader. Now that I have spent a couple of years in online trading of several types of assets, I have truly explored my potential as a trader. I would recommend that you visit the broker’s website, know more about it, and only then make up your mind.

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