August 8, 2022

Status Markets Review – Is This The Right Broker For You?

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Status Markets Review

Do you think you are ready to start your online trade journey? Online trade is not as easy as you think. I do not want to scare you, but as a trader, it is my duty to provide actual information and facts. One thing that can make your journey smooth, comfortable, and less risky is a selection of the right broker like Status Markets. In this Status Markets review, you will get instant information about this brokerage.

A broker provides you with an insight into the world of trading. In online trading, you do not look for any specific person. Instead, you look for a platform that provides brokerage services and covers the maximum facilities needed in online trading. One such multi-dimensional platform is Status Markets.

Aims Of Status Markets

The aims of this brokerage make it a different platform from all others in the market. It charges zero commission from the traders, so now you can know that they are not here only for making money. Rather their approach is to create investment opportunities for all. They facilitate investors to enter the world’s financial markets. Their services are for everyone regardless of any discrimination of caste or colour, integrity, transparency, and regular support in the form of customer services, so the investor grows without facing any difficulties.

Dynamic Trading Stage

Traders usually face a problem in the trading process while switching devices. Some online trading platforms fail to provide webs that present full features on all devices. That is, their interface is not good. Status Markets’ approach is customer-oriented, and they respond to every problem a trader may encounter.

You can use their web on laptops, desktops, tablets, or smartphones. A downloadable application is also available for desktop, android, and iOS. They use MetaTrader 4, online trading software that is used to build online trading platforms. This software is more like a financial advisor for the traders where they can customize their trading preferences. It is equipped with algorithms for analysis and valuable trading tools such as trading indicators, charts, price indicators, calculators, and many more.

Online Education For Traders

Like any other thing, trading also requires some basic knowledge and expertise. You cannot make a well-informed decision about your investments until you have known how trading works. Without prior knowledge, you cannot even use the algorithms and automatic trading tools.

With Status Markets, you get multiple options to enhance your field of expertise. It has all the available options such as e-books, webinars, seminars, videos but one thing that sets it apart is the availability of a forex glossary.

A forex glossary provides the meaning of all technical terms you can encounter while trading in the global financial market. The terms are arranged in alphabetical order so you can find them under the letter tab or search the term directly from the search bar in the forex glossary section.

The website includes downloadable instructions for the traders. Even if you are a registered member on the platform or not, you can still download these instruction leaflets, which cover the most important topics to help you in online trading. The documents include risk-free trade, bonus agreement, risk-free trade, deposit declaration, additional risk disclosure, risk warning documents, and customer complaint form. The terms and conditions of working on this platform are clearly mentioned in the form of a document.

Multiple Facilities

Status Markets provides multiple facilities for its customers. Firstly, the sign-up is absolutely free of charge. The process is very easy and simple. You register for an account, get the verification done, deposit funds from credit/debit cards, and get started. Using this platform, you get multiple options for trading, including digital currency, forex, commodities, indices, stocks. Here, you can also invest and trade by purchasing and selling gold and silver.

Once you start your journey with Status Markets, you get a lot of valuable services. The services include:

  • Free VPS
  • News alerts
  • Swap discount
  • Fifth decimal
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Hedging
  • Regular customer support
  • Islamic account

Along with all these, you also get security through AML and KYC policy. Integration of data encryption further enhances the platform’s security feature.


Status Markets is simply a unique and trustworthy trading platform to boost your trading experience. You can sign up with Status Markets and initiate your trading venture with this broker.

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