May 19, 2024

Top Platforms to Use in 2022 for Buying/Selling Non-Fungible Tokens

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With the overall reputation and demand for the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) rising, everyone wants to become part of it. The adoption rate for the NFT sector has been extremely fast and its valuation has already grown more than $22 billion.

As per Ido Fishman, an NFT expert who has been sharing his expertise in the particular sector has talked about some of the most popular platforms for NFTs. According to him, many NFT buying, selling, and trading platforms have been launched that are not up to the mark. The NFT news are filled with the launch of such platforms but it doesn’t mean they are all reliable.

Therefore, Ido Fishman has listed some of the major NFT platforms you can use to buy and sell NFTs. These platforms have earned high reputations for being highly secure, user-friendly, and affordable for the creators and buyers as well.

While is known as one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, it is also gaining popularity as an NFT buying/selling platform. It has fast-emerged as one of the most reliable platforms for NFT purchasing and selling. has a user following of more than ten million. It is a strong following can take advantage of and sell as many NFTs as possible. launched its NFT marketplace back in 2021. The NFT marketplace reportedly offers music, sport, gaming, celebrities, and art NFTs. The platform is also quite popular for offering bidding facility to the users for acquiring the desired NFTs.

The payment gateway of offers you the facility of buying NFTs via cryptocurrencies, credit cards, and debit cards. You’ll be surprised to know doesn’t charge a single dime as a fee when you purchase NFTs. currently has a collection of more than 100,000 NFTs. The weekly transaction volume’s payment gateway records is over 50,000 ETH. You must keep in mind that while there is no fee when purchasing NFT, you are requested to pay 1.99% fee when selling NFTs.


You may know Binance as the largest cryptocurrency exchange but it is also aiming to earn the same reputation in the NFT sector. It is an exchange that has a user following of more than forty million. You can imagine how promising its marketplace would be for the buyers and sellers of non-fungible tokens.

Although Binance does charge you a transaction fee for buying NFT, it is extremely lower than other NFT buying platforms. You will be surprised to see that only a 1% fee is charged when you purchase an NFT through Binance.

The Binance NFT marketplace is available through two blockchains. The first one being the native, Binance Smart Chain and the second one being the Ethereumblockchain.

The NFT categories Binance covers and offers include collectibles, gaming, entertainment, sports, arts, and many more. The marketplace also offers you mystery boxes where you can find NFTs ranging from normal category to rare ones.

The monthly trading volume recording on the Binance NFT marketplace is worth over $40 million. Through the marketplace, you have access to several hundred thousand NFTs.


Then comes OpenSea, which is considered to be the largest NFT marketplace until now. The majority of the NFT users have also claimed that OpenSea is the best NFT marketplace platform compered to any other. These claims are considered accurate because the monthly transaction volume recorded on OpenSea is over $5 billion.

You can access more than 1,000,000 collections of NFTs belonging to different categories through OpenSea. If you wish to buy an NFT from OpenSea, you have access to more than 150 cryptocurrencies for doing that.

Open also supports 14 kinds of different wallets that you can link with its platform. Surprisingly, OpenSea charges no fee when buying an NFT. However, you do incur a 2.5% fee when you sell an NFT or pay a small fee at the time of registering with OpenSea.

You will be shocked to know that OpenSea even lets you create your own NFTs for free and sell them at a price you feel your NFT is worth.

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